Highly Efficient Performance Enabled By Software & Hardware
move robotUltimate performance
a combination of software and hardware
Equipped with cutting-edge mobile robot and AI technology, IPLUS-developed efficient and flexible indoor and outdoor mobile robots provide comprehensive industrial logistic solutions covering production line logistic devices, digital logistic management software for smart manufacturing factories and wider manufacturing settings.
Full Stack Mobile Robot Technology
Full Stack Robots Applicable To Real Settings
With world-leading indoor and outdoor mobile robot software and hardware, IPLUS MOBOT integrates leading smart perception and motor control algorism to high-performance, low-cost production line logistic devices. IPLUS-developed creative logistics management software and Autonomous Mobile Navigation Module ANNE, provide one-stop solution--- software and hardware--- for real settings.
Industrial campus low-speed autonomous driving technology
3D laser SLAM + GNSS + millimeter-wave + vision + IMU fusion navigation
Mobile robot fleet management and tsk dispatch
Support cluster operation of thousand-unit fleet
Real-time fleet status visualization
Indoor Natural Navigation
Laser SLAM + vision + IMU fusion navigation
Controllable and self-developed technology
High efficiency and easy to use
Approved by batch projects
Intelligent manufacturing material management system
Factory data connectivity
IPLUS-developed mobile robot customization
Efficient and precise robot and carrier customization
End-to-end Unmanned High-precision Operation

High-precision Operation

Industrial operation agility and expert-level precision, along with diversified end-to-end unmanned high-precision docking AMRs enable autonomous and efficient pick-up and placement of material.

High-speed Human-following Technology

Man-following Technology

High speed human-following technology allows robots to follow human perfectly in low and high speed scenarios

Dynamic Transportation In Human-vehicle-mixed Environment

Flexible Transportation

Adaptable to crowded settings (airports, train stations, docks and shopping malls) to realize efficient and smart transportation of material

Collaborative Robot Technology


Robot partnership is the future trend.

Visual Navigation Technology

Precise locating

Multi-module mapping, less costs on sensor and maintenance, higher position precision and reliable navigation.

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