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Highlights Unveiled | Korean SFAW 2024, IPLUSMOBOT Showcases Technological Innovation

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Seoul, South Korea- From March 27 to 29, the Korean Smart Factory & Automation World 2024 (SFAW 2024) unfolded with grandeur at the Seoul COEX Convention and Exhibition Center. After two years of intensive development, IPLUSMOBOT returned to the spotlight with its flexible and efficient intelligent logistics robotics products and industry solutions, propelling the global manufacturing sector towards transformative upgrades.


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Leading Innovation in Intelligent Logistics

At this year's exhibition, IPLUSMOBOT showcased the EMMA 400L, a 400kg-class indoor universal autonomous mobile robot platform capable of navigating through narrow passageways as slim as 70cm. Equipped with various attachments such as robotic arms, rollers, and lifters, EMMA 400L effortlessly automates the transfer and loading/unloading of different materials, products, and semi-finished goods across various production stages. Its precision docking capabilities, within ±2mm and 0.5°, meet the flexibility and accuracy requirements of industrial logistics.


The FOLADN1416, a pallet stacker unmanned forklift, with a maximum payload of 1400kg and a lifting height of 1600mm, adapts seamlessly to the diverse and complex working environments of user factories, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of intelligent logistics. In action, the DN1416 employs 3D environmental perception and visual inspection to achieve intelligent stacking of pallet materials. Integrated with a dispatch system, it facilitates flexible scheduling and route planning for multiple vehicles in various workshop scenarios, dramatically enhancing efficiency in cargo handling.


This exhibition was more than just a showcase of our products and technological innovation capabilities, it was a valuable opportunity for exchange and discussion with peers in the industry. Our solutions have been implemented globally across various sectors, including semiconductor, automotive, and aviation. Looking forward to seeing you again at the next exhibition! 

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