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Smart Factory + Automation World 2024

Autonomous Mobile Robot and  Forklift AMR

We are delighted to extend this invitation to you to attend our upcoming exhibition “Smart Factory + Automation World 2024" in South Korea, where we will showcase the latest advancements in industrial automation.


Date: March 27 - 29

Venue: Coex, Seoul, Korea / Coex

Booth:  No. D336

Highlights: Unveiling of EMMA400L - Standard AMR, and FOLA DN11416 -  Forklift AMR. 

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During the exhibition, we will demonstrate our state-of-the-art Autonomous Mobile Robot and  Forklift AMR, which are at the forefront of transforming modern manufacturing floors into smart factories. These innovations are pivotal in enhancing efficiency, reducing operational costs, and improving workplace safety.


The integration of industrial robots like EMMA 400L and FOLA DN1416 into factory settings significantly contributes to the intelligent upgrading of facilities. They bring about a new era of manufacturing where precision, reliability, and continuous operation are paramount. With capabilities such as real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, these robots are not just tools but partners in progress.


The future of industrial robots promises even greater integration with IoT, advanced AI, and machine learning, leading to unprecedented levels of autonomy and collaboration. The technical features of these robots are continuously evolving, with enhancements in sensory perception, decision-making algorithms, and energy efficiency, setting the stage for a more connected and intelligent manufacturing ecosystem.


We cordially invite you to witness these transformative technologies in action and explore the potential they hold for the future of smart manufacturing. Come to visit our booth and talk with our expert to learn more about IPLUSMOBOT robots in action.

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