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What Are Your Concerns About Using AMR Forklifts?

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Replacing human labor with robots is an important way to adapt to the market environment, improve production efficiency, and achieve digital and intelligent production. However, many business owners are often influenced by concerns about high transformation costs, a relatively long adjustment period, and unpredictable outcomes.

Today, let's talk about how these concerns should be "considered."

Cost comparison between manual forklifts and AMR forklifts

First, a regular manual forklift only costs a few thousand, while an AMR forklift costs hundreds of thousands. Is this worth considering?

Logistics automation is a crucial part of the intelligent transformation of the entire plant. Intelligent logistics upgrades that start with unmanned forklifts will become the optimal choice for many manufacturing enterprises. Although the upfront cost of unmanned forklifts is higher than that of manual ones, in the long run, using unmanned forklifts not only eliminates the need for drivers but also significantly improves handling efficiency through around-the-clock operation.

In the past, manual forklift accidents were frequent, often causing injuries to personnel and damage to vehicles and goods. The resulting costs of such accidents were enormous. In contrast, AMR forklifts operate fully automatically, effectively ensuring operational safety and reducing overall operating costs.

Additionally, after the introduction of intelligent equipment, optimized automated processes and site system management can be achieved, saving labor costs, improving driving safety, enhancing work efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs. Leveraging big data, robots can interconnect with other logistics and warehousing equipment, transitioning from a single product to a systematic application, thereby optimizing the overall pace and providing production capacity and efficiency.

Stability and after-sales service of AMR forklifts

Another common concern is whether AMR forklifts can be as flexible as humans in operation and whether issues can be resolved promptly to avoid affecting production?

Addressing customers' top concerns about quality and after-sales service, IPLUSMOBOT robots strive to give customers peace of mind. Regarding product system stability, every product leaving IPLUSMOBOT's factory must pass rigorous quality checks and fault-free tests to ensure reliable quality. Moreover, the company provides comprehensive after-sales services, including remote technical support and on-site repairs, to ensure smooth and reassuring user experience.

With rising labor and land costs, difficulties in recruitment, expensive labor, and increasing safety concerns, the need to replace labor-intensive, repetitive, and dangerous work environments is urgent. Achieving information management and quickly responding to market demands is the desire of many enterprises. Replacing human labor with robotic equipment in heavy and hazardous tasks is a crucial way to drive enterprise transformation and achieve leapfrog development. By adopting new technologies such as AMR forklifts, enterprises can achieve greater stability and progress on the path to intelligence and automation.

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