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IPLUSMOBOT will offer localization service world-wide, covering the whole lifecycle from overall solutions design to on-site deployment and testing, operation maintenance and system upgrading support for AMR mobile robot.

Order Picking Robots
Robotic Automation of Warehouses

Product Full Lifecycle Service in 5 parts

Which is General proposal and simulation, application design support, on-site support, operating and maintenance support, software upgrade service.

Robotic Inventory Management

Systematic Safety Guarantee Mechanism

IPLUSMOBOT AMRs are fully equipped with self-detection, self-diagnosis and self-protection capability. In order to protect operators, AMRs and carriers with laser collision avoidance system, sound/light alert and bumper. As one of leading amr manufacturers, IPLUSMOBOT AMRs have quality certificate for protecting hardware. Therefore, our systematic safety guarantee design will increase productivity of your logistics operations by avoid production delays or downtime due to AMR maintenance or repair.

Robotic Inventory System

Comprehensive Quality Guarantee System

IPLUSMOBOT robot series are equipped ISO9001:2005Quality System Certification complying with rigorous process operation standard and quality control operation criteria, through comprehensive quality management processes and responsibility system ensuring the IPLUSMOBOT amr automated mobile robot’ quality in all processes.

Robotic Picking System Warehouse

Comprehensive After-sales Service

We offer quick service response globally. Full service in comprehensive pre-sale application proposal, sales, after-sales service. We provide the top-notch product quality assurance system, quick and professional deployment. Moreover, on-site support and maintenance service is essential. The professional technical support will be launched by document, on-site, Q&A, Videos and other remote training method.

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