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IPLUSMOBOT Partnership with e-LogiT for Innovative E-Commerce Solutions

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Japan (Jan. 23, 2024) - IPLUSMOBOT, the global leading company in the autonomous mobile robot field, has partnered with e-LogiT, a leading provider of BPO and consultancy services in the e-commerce sector, to bring clients across the Japan a comprehensive suite of integrated technologies to streamline fulfillment and maximize productivity.

At the core of this partnership, IPLUSMOBOT's AMRs are celebrated for their exceptional adaptability and scalability, aligning perfectly with e-LogiT's vision to deliver versatile, efficient, and sustainable automation solutions. This synergy will empower e-LogiT's clientele to embrace automation in material handling, refine inventory control, and augment the precision and velocity of order fulfillment processes.

e-LogiT's customer base will benefit from the integration of IPLUSMOBOT’s advanced logistics solutions, utilizing a fleet of smart AMRs in tandem with the multi-robot Fleet Management System, CLOUDIA, and the material management system, MCS. This comprehensive automation ecosystem is engineered to streamline operational workflows, curtail labor expenses, and bolster fulfillment capabilities, all while upholding unparalleled levels of accuracy and dependability.


Scope of Business Cooperation


Comprehensive Solution Deployment: This partnership extends beyond traditional boundaries to encompass the deployment, operation, sales, and maintenance of cutting-edge products, ensuring a seamless integration into existing logistics frameworks.


Strategic Product Sourcing and Resale: e-LogiT will engage in the procurement of IPLUSMOBOT products for direct application within its operations and the distribution of these solutions to third parties, amplifying the reach and impact of this advanced technology.


This partnership between IPLUSMOBOT and e-LogiT is a testament to our shared commitment to driving the e-commerce sector forward through technological excellence and innovation. Our aim to set new standards in logistics automation, offering scalable and efficient solutions that address the pressing challenges of today's fast-paced e-commerce landscape.


About e-LogiT

Founded in 2000, e-LogiT has established itself as a key player in providing BPO and consultancy services specifically for the e-commerce sector. Their expertise encompasses a range of services designed to optimize e-commerce operations, including customer support, logistics, and strategic business consulting. Their dedication to ensuring client success and their agility in responding to evolving market dynamics have positioned them as a preferred partner for businesses aiming to excel in the digital commerce space.

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