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Mobile Collaborative Robot (AGV+Robotic Arm) Empowers CNC Production Line Automation

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With the continuous development of the manufacturing industry, CNC machine tools have become an indispensable tool for efficient and precise machining in industries such as 3C and automotive. However, the traditional CNC loading and unloading methods have shown some disadvantages in terms of complexity and time consumption. At the same time, the processes and equipment of the CNC production line have achieved a high degree of informatization and automation, while the manual loading and unloading method has become an information island and bottleneck of the production line. In this context, the mobile collaborative robot (AGV+robotic arm) has become a powerful tool to improve this problem and provide efficient and stable solutions for CNC production lines.

Advantages of Mobile Collaborative Robots

Accurate, flexible, safe, easy to use, quick integration

The application of mobile collaborative robots in CNC production line automation not only improves efficiency, but also reflects its outstanding product advantages.

First of all, accuracy is a major feature of mobile collaborative robots. It uses a visual system with a docking accuracy of up to ±10mm and a picking accuracy of up to ±1mm, providing reliable support for high-precision machining. Secondly, flexibility is also an unique feature. With intelligent autonomous navigation, a 30-meter laser detection distance, and agile obstacle avoidance, it is suitable for human-machine mixed operations, injecting more flexibility and intelligence into the production line.

At the same time, mobile collaborative robots also have safety designs such as anti-static and collision protection bars, eliminating the need for safety fences and ensuring safety during the production process. The graphical programming is simple and easy to use, and the wireless operation mode through mobile phones and PADs makes the operation more intuitive and convenient. Finally, the quick integration of modular systems allows it to quickly adapt to various application scenarios, providing more possibilities for the flexibility of the production line.

Customer Application and Benefits of Mobile Collaborative Robots

The application of mobile collaborative robots has brought real benefits to customers.

In terms of improving efficiency, the mobile collaborative robot CNC loading and unloading workstations can achieve high-precision positioning, fast gripping and handling, thereby reducing operation time and improving machine tool efficiency. Its continuous operation capability can also reduce the idle rate of machine tools and achieve 7*24 hour production, maximizing the potential of the equipment.

In terms of automation, mobile collaborative robots can not only be used for CNC loading and unloading, but also for other manufacturing processes such as handling and inspection. Its flexibility and intelligence improve the automation and informatization of precision manufacturing, ensuring product quality.

In terms of quick deployment, there is no need to modify the ground or machine tools. Only route planning and simulation need to be done in advance to easily complete the deployment and provide more choices for the flexibility of the production line.

Overall, the application of mobile collaborative robots (AGV+robotic arm) in CNC production line automation not only solves the problems of traditional loading and unloading methods, but also brings more efficient, intelligent, and safe production methods to the manufacturing industry. In the future development of the manufacturing industry, mobile collaborative robots will undoubtedly continue to play an important role in promoting the industry towards a more intelligent and efficient direction.

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