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The Way of Smart Logistics Optimization in Human-Machine Collaboration for AMR

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With the segmentation of the market and the intensification of competition, the focus of enterprise competition has gradually shifted to production based on customer needs. The manufacturing of diversified and personalized products has become an inevitable choice, and the flexible production mode of multiple varieties, small batches, and multiple batches has become increasingly prominent. In this context, the flexible upgrade of the manufacturing industry has become an inevitable trend, and internal logistics has become the best entry point to achieve flexible manufacturing.

Iplusmobot, with its advanced autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology, provides customers with flexible logistics solutions based on human-machine collaboration. This solution can solve the problem of goods handling in dynamic environments, relying on powerful multidimensional AI perception capabilities, SLAM, machine learning, and control decision-making technologies. Among them, a key element is the "pallet AMR", which has become a powerful tool for optimizing intelligent logistics.

Pallet AMR's flexibility and intelligence

Autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance and automatic driving

In industrial internal logistics, multi-point and cross-regional transportation is a basic characteristic. However, due to cost control and operational convenience considerations, human-machine coexistence has become a common phenomenon in factories. In this dynamic environment, automated handling equipment faces huge challenges.

With its real-time environmental profile positioning and autonomous navigation capabilities, Iplusmobot's "pallet AMR" can easily operate in complex environments with humans and forklifts present. By simply setting the handling tasks, the AMR can quickly take up the job and achieve flexible logistic conditions. Even when changes occur on the production line, the AMR can quickly adapt to new tasks with ultra-low migration costs, without delaying the production process, and perfectly meet the requirements of flexible production.

Safety is the key to new productivity

During handling, collisions are one of the most common accidents. Prolonged intense labor may reduce the perception ability of handlers, leading to handling accidents, especially in narrow passages where workers are more prone to injuries.

To avoid collisions during handling, Iplusmobot's intelligent AMR is equipped with industrial-grade high-precision lidar, depth camera modules, and other sensors to identify the surrounding environment. This enables the robot to perceive the dynamic space in a three-dimensional manner, possess powerful environmental detection capabilities, identify obstacles in a timely manner, and make avoidance decisions. This effectively prevents collision accidents during handling and ensures the safety of workers.

Low-cost, more flexible human-machine collaborationAMR logistics solution

As a high-tech industry with different application scenarios in different industries, AMR manufacturers need to have the ability to deliver projects and customization in multiple industries to meet diverse customer needs. Iplusmobot, with its "low-cost, more flexible" human-machine collaborative AMR logistics solution, provides the best solution for flexible productivity to customers in various industries.

In the future of industrial logistics, human-machine collaborative AMR is leading the new trend of intelligent logistics. With its flexible response to complex environments, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and safety and reliability characteristics, Iplusmobot'spallet AMR not only improves factory logistics and production efficiency but also gives enterprises a competitive advantage in fierce market competition.

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