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IPLUSMOBOT, Together With CRRC Corporation, The Leading Enterprise Of IGBT, Is Exploiting The Vast Ocean Of Smart Manufacturing In The Pan-Semiconductor Industry

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Recently, IPLUSMOBOT, was reported to play an important role in the supply chain field of autonomous controllable automobile chips by autonomous technologies. Step into the "smart manufacturing" workshop of chip production.

As soon as stepping into the class-100 dust-free intelligent workshop of CRRC, the ordered, efficient, automatic operation of the smart manufacturing production line of new energy automobile chips widened our horizon greatly. Meanwhile, the natural navigation AMR fleets of IPLUSMOBOT continuously shuttled back and forth among each process of production lines in 7*24h. By carrying the customized liftable lateral telescopic plug-type carrier, they had broken through the docking precision of ±2mm, docked the material docking platforms of the plant and the loading and unloading devices precisely and seamlessly, and achieved the flexible delivery of various raw materials, ingredients, finished and semi-finished products of 3 major kinds, and a dozen of subdivided categories.

“We can see that the robots are very busy, that is to say, the turnover rate of our production lines is pretty high, and they had been under running debugging since the first half year of last year, and had been in formal production since September, and now, our production capacity has nearly exceeded over 99 percent of the original design of the whole production lines.” Liu Qian, the director of the second sector of manufacturing department of CRRC, was mentioned in the interview."

Solve the pain points of the industry:

Lead the intelligent logistic transformation of pan-semiconductor workshops. You may be interested in semiconductor robot.

As the pioneer and leader of electrified railway equipment industry of China, CRRC is a core high-end equipment enterprise and is highly influential in the world. In recent years, with the implementation of the manufacturing power strategy deployed, CRRC has given top priority to constructing smart factories, and will enhance production by more precise and faster intelligent logistic delivery mode and accomplish the transformation to flexible manufacturing.

For this, as one of amr robot companies, IPLUSMOBOT had supplied tens of class-200kg flexible carrying robots, EMMA200, and the whole set of smart logistic solutions, including liftable lateral telescopic plug-type carriers designed according to the users’ working condition, smart dispatch system CLOUDIA, material management system MCS, etc. At the workshop site, all EMMA200 operate efficiently and collaboratively, dock with different production equipment precisely, and accomplish the automatic transfer, loading and unloading of various materials from the line-side warehouse, batching workshop as needed, according to the received task instructions.

This is the first class-100 dust-free natural navigation AMR application project, many indexes of which ascend to the industry-leading level:

IPLUSMOBOT's intelligent manufacturing logistic solutions perfectly meet the need for flexible and intelligent production of CRRC, and make the whole production process more fluent and efficient, and thus get rid of tedious and confounding manual carrying process, and promote the operational efficiency of the whole workshop to a great extent. Now the automobile chip production line has possessed the whole set of design, manufacturing, encapsulation and test capabilities, and is predicted to be able to meet the demand of 2.4 million new energy automobiles, and will strongly promote the rise of new energy automobile autonomous chips in China.

The application scene of delving into smart manufacturing logistics of the semiconductor industry. In advanced manufacturing settings, especially in the semiconductor industry, specialized AMRs like the AMR Forklift">FOLA AMR Forklift play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and safety.

Boost “wisdom in China” practically

IPLUSMOBOT, as one of professional amr suppliers, with more than 20 years of technological precipitation, had been concentrating on serving the smart manufacturing field, and helping manufacturing enterprises build digital unmanned smart factories and promote production capability by supplying multi-mode natural navigation AMR, flexible dispatch management software throughout the whole process, and intelligent logistic solutions matching efficient production of the industry. For the application need of the pan-semiconductor industry, IPLUSMOBOT has been rooted in subdivided fields for years, and supplies customized natural navigation AMR and solutions for each link from the production, manufacturing to encapsulation, testing, packaging and transfer of wafers, the application scenes of which cover precise turnover of trays and cartridges, flexible turnover of workbins in clean rooms, loading and unloading of conveying lines, skip car turnover, SMT boarding machines, fluid material box turnover and so on in different fields, and has vigorously accelerated the intelligentization and unmanned technique of pan-semiconductor factories, and high frequent flexible transfer revolution of various materials. The related actually measured technical indexes of them at the user site have surpassed the leading product level abroad, which has accomplished the localization breakthroughs of heavy equipment in the pan-semiconductor industry. The Omnidirectional Mobile Robot exemplifies the kind of innovative technology driving the smart manufacturing revolution, offering unparalleled flexibility and mobility.

In the future, IPLUSMOBOT will always take energizing smart manufacturing as its mission, actively welcome opportunities and challenges, continuously increase technical innovation input, research and develop new intelligent mobile robots, serve all manufacturing fields better, and contribute our efforts to accelerate the realization of “wisdom in China”!

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