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Leading Logistics Innovation for Smart Manufacturing
Smart factory logistics pioneer during whole process

Smart factory logistics pioneer during whole process
Main Product
Main Product
How digital logistics drives manufacturing factory of heavy trucks to raise the productivity
The customer is a worldwide famous manufacturer of special type of vehicles, and ranks top in the world in modified automobile manufacturing industry. Its products cover over 120 kinds of special vehicles of different loads. How to raise the productivity further through new technologies is the question that the customer keeps thinking about.
How AMR helps the world-leading manufacturers of consumption electronic products raise the productivity.
The customer is a world-famous equipment manufacturer of office supplies. The history of the group headquarters in Japan is over 100 year, and its business is all over the world, which achieves the turnover of 631.8 billion yen per year.
However, like most manufacturers, it is facing the problem of automatic and digital production: how to maintain market competitiveness with flexible production ability.
How mobile robots increase the productivity for photovoltaic cell manufacturers
The customer provides renewable energy throughout the world, which contributes to the environmental on the earth. As a global energy enterprise, the customer supplies from crystalline silicon, silicon ingot, silicon wafer, solar battery and solar module to project development and financing, and related integration solutions. The solar module production capacity is 12.4GW per year and the market occupancy is the highest in the USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Japan and Korea.
Mobile robots assist magnates in panel industry to respond to the needs of industry rapidly and to build smart factories.
The customer specializes in providing display solutions and associated support services worldwide. The customer focuses on providing displays for smart mobile terminals including smartphones, tablets and advanced laptop devices, as well as professional displays optimized for automotive, medical, smart-home, POS, HMI and other industrial applications. The customer is a recognized leader of small and medium size display products and technologies.
How the mobile robots help the medical equipment manufacturing factories to raise productivity
The customer is an advanced high-end medical imaging equipment research and development enterprise in the world. It researches and develops high-end medical products covering the whole process of imaging diagnosis and treatment autonomously, and provides innovative medical informatization solutions. How to keep ahead in the megatrends of smart manufacturing is the question that the customer keeps thinking about.
Mobile robots help power transmission and distribution industry build the first logistics benchmark of digital smart factories in the world
The customer is China power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry representative company, providing the whole solutions from the design of electric power supply plan to the supply, installing and debugging of power sourcing equipment to global large industrial enterprises and major engineering project of energy enterprises. As the leading enterprise of the industry, in order to solve the common problems--‘small batch of order, short delivery cycle, high non-standard request, complex operation maintenance’ and so on during intelligent electric power distribution equipment manufacturing process, and to achieve flexible smart manufacturing practically, it hopes to accomplish the intelligent upgrade of logistics distribution mode by building its own green digital production base.
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