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AGV and AMR Product Features and Advantages

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Warehouse AGV: The Way of Intelligent Logistics

AGV is a type of unmanned driverless transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices. Its path of travel is detected by a digital encoder and controlled by a controller to achieve precise guidance. In large-scale production, Warehouse AGV has become a powerful assistant in factory logistics due to its unique characteristics.

The core of AGV lies in its automatic guidance system, which enables it to perform functions such as material handling, transportation, and stacking through precise guidance paths. This automatic guidance not only improves transport efficiency but also greatly reduces the risk of human errors during transportation.

With the focus on labor costs by modern enterprises, AGV, as a representative of "machine replacement," has significantly reduced labor costs. Compared to traditional manual handling, Warehouse AGV only requires a small number of equipment maintenance personnel, greatly improving operational efficiency, especially in high-intensity and repetitive operations.

AGV has not only made significant improvements in carrying capacity but also in efficiency, safety, and intelligence. Through digital transformation, it achieves automation upgrades, reduces human uncertainty, improves data accuracy, and provides a solid foundation for enterprise digital transformation.

AMR Robot: The Future of Autonomous Mobility

Compared to AGV, AMR Robo is a more intelligent and autonomous mobile robot. By utilizing technologies such as laser sensors, vision sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, AMR can independently move in self-built map environments, making it more flexible and versatile compared to traditional AGV, and has a wider range of applications.

AMR can understand its own position and achieve efficient navigation in the environment through laser SLAM navigation technology. Compared to AGV's fixed guidance paths, AMR is more suitable for complex and dynamic environments and can freely traverse work areas without being limited by wired power sources.

AMR Robo is equipped with 2D/3D cameras and laser sensors, which allows it to avoid collisions when encountering unexpected obstacles during navigation. This makes AMR safer and more reliable when handling unexpected situations, eliminating the need for human intervention and greatly improving work efficiency.

Infiltrating AMR is a form of AMR that is widely used in commercial and industrial logistics. Compared to traditional AGV, Infiltrating AMR has smaller passageways, adapts to a wider range of working environments, and can perform more actions such as storage, picking, and distribution, providing more possibilities for logistics operations in special scenarios.

Advantages of AGV and AMR Products in Special Scenarios

Forklift-style AGV: Classic Strength

Forklift-style AGV has emerged from traditional forklifts and stands out for its strength in heavy load handling and stacking. It can not only handle medium and small loads but also adapt to pallets of different heights and sizes, providing robust support for large-scale customized production.

Infiltration-type AMR: Flexible and Versatile

Infiltration-type AMR has become a star in commercial and industrial logistics due to its compact channel navigation capability and extensive adaptability. In large-scale customized production, infiltration-type AMR, through its combination with shelves, can adapt to various material handling and process flows, greatly enhancing production flexibility and efficiency.

Composite-type AMR: Versatile Solutions

Composite-type AMR achieves multifunctional applications by carrying different functional mechanisms, such as conveyors, adjustable mechanisms, and articulated robots. In scenarios like automatic sorting, fully automated spraying, and automatic loading and unloading, composite-type AMR demonstrates powerful adaptability and execution capabilities.

In the future, with continuous technological advancement, both AGV and AMR will undoubtedly play crucial roles in a broader range of fields, driving further improvements in factory logistics and production efficiency.

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