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Discover Iplusmobot’s AMR at METALTECH & AUTO MEX 2024

Pioneering Intra-Logistics with Precision and Flexibility

Join Iplusmobot from May 15-18 in Malaysia for an exclusive look at our innovative AMR solutions that are transforming industrial logistics.


EMMA Series: The Heart of Smart Logistics

Our flagship EMMA series is engineered to navigate the complexities of modern production lines. With the ability to traverse narrow aisles and equipped with various attachments like robotic arms, rollers, and lifters, EMMA robots effortlessly automate the transfer and handling of materials, finished products, and semi-finished goods across different stages of production.

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Key Feartures:

Agile Navigation: Maneuvers through tight spaces with ease.

Versatile Adaptability: Customizable with mechanical arms, rollers, and lifting modules for diverse tasks.

Precision Docking: Achieves docking accuracy of ±2mm/0.5°, meeting the flexibility and precision requirements of industrial logistics.


Revolutionizing Intra-Logistics with Iplusmobot’s MR

AMRs are redefining the landscape of intra-logistics by offering:

Smart Navigation: Autonomous path planning and obstacle avoidance for efficient material transport.

Continuous Operation: Capable of 24/7 functionality to keep up with the demands of modern industries.

Safety and Reliability: Designed with multiple safety features to ensure secure operation alongside human workers.


Experience the future of intra-logistics with Iplusmobot’s EMMA series. Witness firsthand how our AMRs can elevate your production efficiency and streamline your logistics operations.


We look forward to welcoming you to our booth at METALTECH & AUTO MEX 2024!


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