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The Revolutionary Advantages of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

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Autonomous Mobile Robots Can Improve Order Processing Efficiency

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) used in order processing significantly enhances production efficiency. With multi-order picking capabilities, AMR can control picking robots carrying shelves with multiple SKUs to workstations for workers to pick orders. This way, a single pick can fulfill the requirements of multiple orders, saving workers time from searching for ordered items on scattered shelves in the warehouse. Therefore, workers can focus on order picking, leading to an increase in picking efficiency of up to 300%.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Can Reduce Labor Costs

By introducing Autonomous Mobile Robots from one of the leading AMR robot companies in China, workers can concentrate all their working hours on order picking. As order picking becomes more efficient, fewer workers can achieve the same or higher picking productivity as manual operations, thus reducing labor costs.

Application Advantages of Autonomous Mobile Robots

No Single Point of Failure

By implementing AMR in manufacturing, the amr warehouse automation can be realized. Warehouses can ensure continuous operation and alleviate common single point of failure issues in operations relying on fixed infrastructure, such as conveyor belt failure causing the entire operation to halt. If an AMR malfunctions, it can be easily repaired and replaced without affecting operations.

Flexible Expansion and Contraction

The number of AMR units and daily hours of operation can be easily adjusted to meet changing demands, even during unexpected peaks or off-peak periods. Companies can now avoid difficulties in finding labor during various peak situations and the challenges associated with hiring and training new employees. With real-time monitoring and inventory control, AMR scheduling can be dynamically adjusted based on evolving demands.

This also allows companies to scale up their operations at different stages. For example, by deploying automation in one part of the warehouse and automating other sections in the future by adding more robots to meet growing needs.

Quick Deployment

AMR can be flexibly implemented without the cost of fixed infrastructure. Its mobility, autonomy, and size make it easy to integrate into existing warehouses. The required infrastructure consists of just five simple components: robot, workstation, WiFi, shelves, and QR codes. Hence, AMR can be easily installed and put into operation within 1-3 months.

More Accurate Operations

Errors may have multiple explanations; however, as the demand for faster and more accurate service increases, avoiding errors becomes increasingly important. By deploying AMR, errors associated with manual operations, such as the pressure during peak periods, new employees, and complex logistics scenarios like reverse logistics, can be avoided.

Safer Operations

AMR is designed to dynamically collaborate with the surrounding environment and has high responsiveness. By using built-in sensors, laser scanners, and intelligent algorithms, it can detect workers or obstacles and adjust paths. This creates a safe and collaborative environment between AMR and warehouse workers.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Contribute to Improving the Work Environment

Enhancing the Work Environment

The deployment of Iplusmobot AMR automated mobile robot is not just about replacing manual work. Workers remain the most important element in operations. They will acquire more skills to control systems and collaborate with AMR. Therefore, deploying AMR creates an ergonomic workflow for workers, increasing their value to the business.

Flexible Relocation

Imagine if your warehouse needs to relocate due to cost or business changes, relocating fixed infrastructure can be a daunting task, possibly requiring significant additional costs. Unlike fixed infrastructure, AMR is easy to relocate, enabling a quick transition period.

If you want to learn more about the AMR robot definition and advantages and how our services can help you upgrade logistics operations, contact us now!

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