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Fleet Management System

The powerful and elegant fleet control software Cloudia will help multiple robots work in a more efficient and collaborative way. With the advanced scheduling and planning algorithms, the system will assign different jobs to the right agent at the right time, minimize the idle time for each and every equipment of your warehouse/factory and save the overall logistics cost. Cloudia can also easily integrated with an existing Warehouse Management System(WMS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for further automation so that all the tasks and movements can be organized as a whole to gain further efficiencies.

Robot Control Software

Main Function
Real-Time State Visualization

Multiple-AMR transportation tracking and real-time status display, Real-time task status display, Real-time display of external devices, Real-time display of system status and statistical reports.

Smart Management of Operation and Maintenance
Convenient multiple map management, Smart and reliable traffic control, Efficient material delivery, Remote anomaly alert, Software permission management.

Logistics Management Digitization
Whole-logistics-process digitization, High transportation efficiency, Efficient material delivery, Remote anomaly alert, Software permission management.

Product Advantages
Robotic Program

The algorithm of task scheduling and traffic control is powerful, and the dispatch task of large-scale fleet of thousands of units can be easily accomplished.

Robot Arm Control Software

Real-time display of task status and real-time summary of data.

Robot Control Software Free Download
Closed Loop

Seamless integration with WMS/MES/ERP system.

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