How does a lithium battery factory upgrade logistics automation

IPLUSMOBOT leverages its full-stack robotics technology and upgrades the smart manufacturing of new energy lithium battery factories. Also, the company provides flexible and efficient one-stop smart manufacturing logistics solutions for different process segments in lithium battery production. And last but not least, IPLUSMOBOT helps users complete the digitization of logistics
IPLUSMOBOT leverages its full-stack robotics technology and upgrades the smart manufacturing of new energy lithium battery factories. Also, the company provides flexible and efficient one-stop smart manufacturing logistics solutions for different process segments in lithium battery production. And last but not least, IPLUSMOBOT helps users complete the digitization of logistics
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Software and Hardware Integrated Solution
Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency


IPLUSMOBOT is a multi-scenario smart manufacturing logistics solution provider that adheres to the deep cultivation of lithium battery manufacturing scenarios, constantly improves product functions, and provides end-to-end unmanned intelligent manufacturing logistics solutions that tackle industry pain points. Moreover, the company’s solutions seamlessly interconnect with production equipment for production scheduling and coordination by means of a unified and powerful logistics software platform—achieving the comprehensive digitalization from manufacturing to logistics.


IPLUSMOBOT currently has a broad selection of AMR robot products for each process section of lithium battery production. These robots have been applied in many well-known lithium battery enterprises and significantly optimized their production process.


Tackling Industry Pain Points
Achieving Coverage of the Whole Process


AGVs and AMRs Solve Pain Points in Lithium Battery Manufacturing Logistics


The manufacturing process, material transportation requirements, and dimensions and shapes of loads in lithium battery-related industries are significantly different to general manufacturing. In response, IPLUSMOBOT provides these users with AMR robots that meet the complex requirements of lithium battery production, from raw material transportation to battery cell/module/pack production. These robot products not only adapt to automatic material loading and unloading of various production equipment, but also meet the requirements of accurate, correct and on-time material transportation, providing technical support and service to ensure the reliability and efficiency of users' production.


Scenario 1: Cell Factory


Double-Armed Roll Lifting AMR

Suitable for lithium battery industry


This robot spreads, rolls, loads, unloads, and slits. Also, it conducts smart and unmanned transportation, loading and unloading of metal rolls and empty reels. It features high docking accuracy, a double-armed design, empty and full exchange, and ensures operation optimization. In addition, it supports omnidirectional movement and can flexibly enter and exit various narrow passageways for precise transportation.


Omnidirectional Cantilever AMR

Suitable for lithium battery industry


This robot performs slitting off-line, die-cutting on-line, winding on-line, and other processes for the smart and flexible transportation of small electrode rolls. Its operation accuracy of ±1mm/±0.2° meets the needs of slitting off-line and winding processes. By replacing manual operations, it improves product yield. Moreover, its omnidirectional movement enables it to cope easily with various complex operating environments.


Cartridge-Changing AMR

Suitable for lithium battery industry


This robot is suitable for lamination on-line and conducts smart and automatic loading and unloading of rectangular cell laminations. It picks up and places battery cells with an accuracy of ±2mm/±0.2°. It has a side fork telescopic mechanism that can directly pick up and place materials on the workstations, requiring little or no modification to the existing equipment.


Unmanned Forklift for Roll Loading and Unloading

Suitable for lithium battery industry


This robot is suitable for slitting off-line, storing electrode rolls, and die-cutting on-line. It performs smart transportation of electrode rolls and loading and unloading in the production line. It picks up and places electrode rolls with an accuracy of ±2mm/±0.2°. Also, it features a great lifting height, can load and unload materials on the workstations, and can store electrode rolls in the auxiliary warehouse, all of which optimize operations.


Scenario 2: Module/Pack Factory


Omnidirectional Lifting AMR

Suitable for lithium battery industry


This robot is applied to the smart and flexible transportation of semi-finished products between the various processes in the smart assembly and inspection links of the pack line. It can load up to 2t without compromising stability or performance. Also, it is equipped with an optional carrying platform with a flexible area to transport different sizes of semi-finished battery packs.


Roller Lifting AMR

Suitable for lithium battery industry


This robot transports accessories and conducts the smart and flexible loading and unloading of auxiliary box pallets. It features a compact body that bears heavy loads and can pass through passageways as narrow as 70cm. It has a docking accuracy of ±5mm/±0.5°. Also, it can load and unload rollers to adapt to different platforms and conveyor lines within 500-1,000mm high.



Stacking Unmanned Forklift


This robot transports raw material and conducts the smart transportation, stacking, loading and unloading of pallets. It features a lightweight body design that can participate in human-machine mixed operations, multi-vehicles mixed operations, and also pass through narrow spaces. Its outstanding fork tip sensor has an algorithm that ensures pickup safety and precision.


Scenario 3: Lithium Battery Material Factory



Balance Heavy-Duty Unmanned Forklift


This robot is suitable for transporting finished cells. It is cost-effective and flexible as it can transport different materials, such as various pallets, workbins and paper rolls. Equipped with 360° navigation laser and 270° safety laser at the top, it can detect the surrounding environment in real-time, which allows it to transport materials in sites with shelves close to each other, personnel and vehicles co-working, and narrow lanes.



Reach Unmanned Forklift


This robot transports raw materials and features a payload of 1,400kg and a docking height of 1,600mm. It seamlessly connects with hoists, conveyor lines, MES, WMS and other existing third-party hardware and software that the user may have on site. Moreover, this robot supports 24/7 human-machine and multi-model integration operations. Multiple safety mechanisms ensure the safety of people, vehicles and objects during operation.



Outdoor Heavy-Load Unmanned Robot


This robot is suitable for cross-factory transportation of raw materials and heavy-duty outdoor and indoor conditions. It can transport up to 60t over long distances without compromising efficiency. Moreover, it easily adapts to the working environment and offers reliable and stable operations even in bad weather or environment—rain, snow, fog, or night.


IPLUSMOBOT will continue to optimize the smart manufacturing in the lithium battery industry. Through continuous investment in R&D and technical research, the company aims at providing users with high-value smart manufacturing logistics products, services, and solutions, and will continue to create value for customers.

End-to-end unmanned

Intelligent transformation of logistics equipment

Logistics digitization of whole factory

Flexibility of material circulation

Scheduling management system

Application of customized software system

Operational logic and movement teaching

Industrial logistics data analysis system


01 High-precision automatic loading and unloading | Meet high precision requirements of process | Adapt to loading and unloading needs of different equipment

02 Efficient, reliable and stable software and hardware | Robots cover workstations in a ratio of 1 to 10 | 24/7 non-stop operation

03 Full link traceability of material information | Digitization of logistics | Digital interconnection of the whole factory

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